Japanese Yen price (JPY)

We provide a currency converter to perform currency conversions according to your country on each page.

Paypal payment

Make a payment with a convenient Paypal, you can also use credit cards.
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EMS Shipping by International Shipping Center

All parcels are shipped by EMS (Express Mail Service) with tracking No. and insurance.
EMS is safe a and reliable system.
Shipping is done by International Shipping Center specializing in international shipping.
For keeping international delibery safe and smooth, our professional team will handle precisely.
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Convenient currency information

You can check and calculate currency and shipping rates on this website.
The currency calculation is provided on product page and shopping cart.

Each weight of the parcel is confirmed when it's added to shopping cart.

Provide a Contact Board

After ordering, you can use the "Contact Board".
Through the Contact Board, you can contact to the seller anytime.
It is a safe and convenient way to communicate even with people from abroad.

1. Add to Cart

You can go back to the product page to continue shopping.
Currency and Shipping rates calculators are provided here so that you can check anytime.
You can change the quantity of items or cancel the order.

2. Check out

Please enter your address and we will give your ID and password by e-mail.
You can log in to "My Page" with this ID and password.
With the ID and password, you don't have to enter your address next time you shop again.
(See 4. Confirm shipping)

3. Payment (Shopping & Shipping)

Make your payment via Paypal.

Payment will be done as follows:
Step 1. Pay for your order.
Step 2. Pay for the shipping costs.

Remember you need to make payments twice.
Please do not close the browser until everything is done.

Place the order. Do not close the browser untill it's done.
If the order completion page appears, your order is confirmed!

4. Confirm shipping

After everything is done, your order will be shipped.
In "My Page", you can check the status of your order on "Track and Trace". You can also use "Contact Board" to confirm.
Please wait untill the product arrives.

Shopping cart

You have the option to edit or remove item(s) from the shopping cart.
Click on the"View Cart" from the top navigation bar.
We keep your shopping cart for up to 12 hours.
Sometimes we underestimate demand and cannot get more in stock.
We will let you know if the item is no longer available or will be delayed.
We also reserve the right to limit quantities based on merchandise availability.

Change or cancel an order

Change or cancel quantity of an item
While you are still shopping or during checkout, you can change the quantity of the item by changing the
"quantity" field on the line that refers to the product you intend to change.

Making changes after you placed an order
If you need to make any changes to your order after you placed it, please contact our customer service by contact board.
Please note that your order may be in the process of shipping right after you order, so it may not be possible to cancel the order.

Canceling order during shopping
If you are still shopping and haven't clicked "proceed to checkout" bottun, you can remove a single item by clicking
"Remove item" check on the line that refers to the product you want to remove.

Canceling order during checkout
If you are in the checkout process but have not sent the order, you are able to remove items from the shopping cart.
Remove an item by clicking on the "Remove item" check on the line that refers to theproduct you intend to remove.

What happens if I click "clear order"?
Clicking "clear order" at the Order Summary page during the checkout process, your entire order will be removed and the shopping cart will be empty.

Canceling after the order has been placed
If you have sent your order, please contact our customer service by Contact Board.
Please note that your order may be in the process of shipping right after you order, so it may not be possible to cancel the order.

Canceling after the order has been shipped
You will have to return the merchandise after you recieve the products. Please contact the store by Contact Board first.


Payment process/How to purchase using Paypal

Payment Step-1 Shopping

Payment Step-2 Shippig cost(International Shipping Center)

Make sure to check the order completion page.

Order completion page has a link to Your page. Please visit your page.

About Paypal system

This shopping system uses Paypal system.
With Paypal, you don't have to enter your credit card information everytime you purchase something. Enterting credit card number isn't always secure. Now you don't have to worry.   

How to Purchase Using Paypal
About Paypal :
Paypal is one of the most popular and trusted ways to send money online.

Our shop is not notified your creditcard information.


Shipping method

All parcels are shipped by EMS (Express Mail Service) with tracking No.and insurance.
In case of sending to countries where EMS is not available, Air mail with tracking No.and insurance will be used.
"Japan Post" English page  

You can check the tracking number at users' Contact board.

Shipping cost

The international shipping cost including the insurance and shipping service charge shown in the shopping cart is automatically calculated based on the total weight of the products, products packaging, packaging materials,shipping box or bag and your shipping address.

Restricted Articles

Depending on the regulations in your country, some articles might be restricted.
Please be aware and inform yourself for not getting in any trouble.

Products including batteries

The products do not include any kind of batteries due to the safety regulation concerning Dangerous Goods of Hazardous Material imposed by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Returned parcels

Undelivered and returned parcels for various reasons such as delivery failed, shipping address was incorrect, the parcel was unclaimed after a delivery attempt, customs duties were not paid by the customer, or the customer declined to accept the parcel upon delivery will be shipped again.
In this case, we will charge you the shipping fee + shipping service charge + Insurance + Tax(8%).


World shipping (International shipping)

Information about Shipping method, Shipping cost, Restricted Articles,etc.

Duties and Customs

About Duties and Customs fee, Tax payment.(Pop-up window)

Currency Calculator

Currency calculations. (Pop-up window)

Shipping and rates

Shipping and Rates calculations.(Pop-up window)


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